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Jaime Angus


I take a whole-body approach to treatment and use a combination of all my training to provide the best care for my clients.


I focus on my clients’ goals and provide them with all the necessary tools to achieve better health.

Pelvic Health

Cancer Rehab.jpg

Cancer Rehab

Pre-natal Care.jpg

Pre-natal Care

Myofacsial Release.jpg

Myofacial Release

Postpartum Care.jpg

Postpartum Care

Cranial Sacral Therapy.jpg

Cranial Sacral Therapy

Diastasis recti. Woman's abdomen divergence of the muscles of the abdomen after pregnancy

Diastasis Recti

Visceral Manipulation.jpg

Visceral Manipulation



Blocked Milk Ducts.jpg

Blocked Milk Ducts

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1366 Grant Avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba

There is one designated Jaime Angus Physiotherapy parking stall on the west side of the building for client use.


There is also parking available on Oxford Street, just east of the building. 

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